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2021 Waterloo Dekhockey Division and Restrictions

restriction and division information for 2021 season
Monday February 8, 2021
It's now time to start building your rosters for the upcoming Waterloo Dekhockey Spring season!
All player rankings have been updated for the 2021 season!
🚨VERY IMPORTANT! Please look into the divisions for the upcoming season and what the new player ranking restrictions are for each level.
🚨To see a player's updated rank:
-click on players, then player list.
-you will then be on the "search a player" tool.
-search any player and beside his/her name will be their "forward" and "goaltender" rank.
🚨If you are concerned about a player's ranking and would like a ranking review, you may now email waterloodekhockey@gmail.com for the player to be "re-evaluated". The player in question will be looked into and re-ranked if necessary.
🚨NEW PLAYERS: If a player is not ranked in any NDA location, the team captain MUST email waterloodekhockey@gmail.com to get a ranking for the player(s) in question. There will be no NR (unranked) players.
🚨Please email us if one of the following:
-If you have a new player that isn't ranked.
-If you have multiple player profiles (please note: it is normal to have (1) "sub" profile and (1) "regular" profile).
-If your "sub" player profile and "regular" player profile both have different rankings.
-If you have a player that did not play last season and does not have an updated ranking.
-If you have any concerns about your ranking.
🚨All players MUST be 14 years old minimum to play in the adults league.
🚨A maximum of (3) JR players (14 - 15 years old) (goalies don’t count) can be rostered on a D3 and D4 team. No limit in D2+.
🚨A maximum of (10) players can be rostered on a team.
🚨Teams have 24 hours following a game to contest due to an illegal roster. Once the 24 hours has past, the game is considered FINAL.
🚨The NDA has the right to change a player’s ranking if judged necessary.
🎉Please share and tag your friends to spread the word with your team! We are looking forward to the 2021 Spring Season and can't wait to be back on Dek!🎉
***Registration for the Adult and Junior leagues will Open this Wednesday, February 10th!***

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