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Waterloo Dek Hockey

Rules and Regulations



Information and Regulations

Official regulations


Basic Regulations

-100 feet by 50 feet game surface

-3 vs. 3 players, plus goalie

-played on foot with an official Dek ball

-no violence is tolerated

- Dekhockey approved; helmet, gloves and shin pads are required

-Dek stick with wooden shaft and plastic blade required

         *All sticks must be approved Mylec, DGel, or Dekhead stick (composite stick made with specific material on blade made for the sport of dekhockey)

         *NO ABS Blades or Street hockey sticks accepted

         Can not tape ENTIRE stick, must be able to prove it is a legal stick for use

-Lacrosse helmets are not allowed. 

Id is required to rent any dekhockey equipment 


Adult regitration fee - $1330

Adult season will consist of 12 regular season games, plus a seeded two game elimination for 6 spots. These 6 spots will be top 5 finishers in the regular season and 1 wildcard. Wildcard position will be the winner of a single game elimination bracket of the remaining teams below the top 5.

Division with 7 teams- top 5 are in and wildcard position will be the winner of the 6 vs 7, the other team is eliminated.
If there are 12 teams in a division then top 5 are in and 6-12 battle for last spot with a single game elimination bracket.

In the last minute of play if player is on a breakaway, and is tripped or slashed, or an opposing player receives a penalty on that play, the player will receive a penalty shot. 

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